How to make Fire or Destroyed Vehicle Markers!

Inspired by friend and occasional bitter enemy (on the field of battle) Chris’s amazing looking destroyed vehicle markers that you can see in action in our 40K battle (mostly on my Rhino) I decided to make my own!

Now this article is drawing heavily on Jez’s terrain pieces for Trees, Asteroids and Rivers which all look amazing so what better way to follow up on these natural formations and (excepting the asteroids) idyllic looking scenes than with a dirty great flickering fire!

For a demonstration of their coolness check out the video here!!  It’s only short but you get the idea!

So what do you need to make these?

Not much; some flickering led tea light candles which you can pick up for a couple of quid for a bunch.  The ones I got were 50p each.
An old pillow (or something similar) again this stuff isn’t expensive even if you had to buy some.  Make sure you use fire retardant hollow fibre stuffing.  We don’t want real fires now we!
Good old fashioned PVA glue (this tub has lasted forever so the cost it negligible).
A pair of scissors for cutting open the pillow case.
Some black paint!  Easiest way is in a spray can but an airbrush would be pretty good.
Your hands.

Step one.  Check the light works.  This is kind of important with these cheap bits of kit.  once you’ve stuck fluff everywhere you’re ability to wiggle it around and give it the Techpriest knock will be impaired!  Once it’s working grab a small handful of pillow stuffing depending upon the size of your fire and hands obviously!  I did varying sizes so that I got some smaller ones and some much larger ones.

Tease a hole in the stuffing to create a gap large enough to insert the tea light and apply the pva around the base of the light.  Make sure to fluff the stuffing upwards to make it look like a ‘fire shape’ too.  Place the tea light in your fluffy smoke ball and then press the fluff onto the base and importantly close up the gap.  Remember that you need to access the switch so make sure there’s a hole large enough for your finger to get to it.  This bit is quite messy but that’s OK right because you’re wearing you old clothes and put newspaper down?

Leave all of them to dry overnight.  Spray with colours of your choice.  I went with black but red or orange would look really cool with some black dusted on the edges.  Or if you got blue/green tea lights you could create awesome looking magical flames!  Really the only limit is your imagination!  Actually I just thought that you could make portals in a similar fashion which gives me another idea…

I hope this inspires you to make some of your own and we’d love to see your creations so please message our facebook page with your pictures!  Thanks -Mark!

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