Learning Curve: Autumn Leaves

Hello again everyone!  This week I’m going to do a quick review and hopefully a useful tip or two on making a seasonal show on your figures.  This follows on from my look at snow a few weeks ago with regards to basing that can be seen here.

I’ve been lucky enough to get a hold of leaf punch from Green Stuff World and it’s pretty awesome.  I (thanks to our terrain guru Jez) decided to punch actual leaves as you can see.

This works out really well we get to keep all of those lovely autumnal colours without having to work ridiculously hard to match them with paint.  Plus they’re super easy to make and apply, just a dab of pva after all the other basing stuff is done scatter on the leaves and then once they’ve set in place either add a few more or just matte varnish it.

Of course you can use this for green leaves for your terrain projects and I intend to put leaves on and in the vehicles, barricades and markers for the Walking Dead as well as having the walkers all shuffling through piles of them!

I’ve got more stuff in the pipeline as you can see below including that ice thing I said would be done already.  Quite a few of these are very work in progress so cut me some slack!

That’s all for now but there’s much more to come!  -Mark

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