Season 3 Butchers Spoiler 

Hello Guild Ball fans! Season 3 speculation is ramping up, the Butcher Civil War is fully underway, and here to keep that excitement flowing with another Butchers spoiler from the lawyers guild at steamforged!

This time, SF are going to give you #TeamBrisket fans a look at one of your staunchest supporters, Boar!

Boar Front.jpgBoar Back .jpg

Obviously, Boar has had some changes going into Season 3; we’ll talk about his general survivability first. You’ll notice that, like many people have asked for, he’s gone up to DEF [3+]. One of the problems Boar had in Season 2 was the issue of providing easy momentum for your opponent, and this change helps prevent that being as much of an issue.

This goes along with him trading Regenerate for Life Drinker. We just felt that this change not only lets him heal more, but it’s far more thematic for the Beast!

The final part of this change is that Boar has had his HP reduced by a couple of points. The point of these changes wasn’t necessarily to make him much harder to kill. He’s a Butcher, after all. The Butchers have always been the most overtly ‘killy’ of our teams, and their weakness has always been that they can’t take as much of a beating in return. SF weren’t trying to make Boar more of a tank, since he’s not supposed to be one, BUT he did need to get that [+1] DEF to help him in the game. Reducing his HP by a couple of points was the way we felt we could bring all this together.

The second really significant change to Boar is that his Playbook has been shortened by a column. One thing which wasn’t fully realise in S1 when the game was originally written, was that TAC = Playbook length presented some problems. It meant models with low TAC values were very likely to wrap, if you could apply a Charge, or some other TAC bonuses. It also meant that some models (such as our lad Boar here) almost felt like they were being punished for having a high TAC, as they were much less likely to wrap.

With this in mind, Steamforged has had a look at every model’s Playbook, particularly those with high TAC, and adjusted them accordingly. Not all models with high TAC (including models with Crazy) have had a change to their Playbook, but many have. This is one of those things that happens when you have such a deep, interactive game as Guild Ball; over time, you end with in some situations that the original designers couldn’t possibly have predicted. We can, however, adapt to these situations and make the game even better as a result!

So, there you have it! Boar, as brutal, bloody, and terrifying as ever! Will he help #TeamBrisket wrest control of the Butcher’s Guild away from #TeamFillet? Or will his particular brand of deranged savagery be cut off by the cold steel of the Flashing Blade?

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