A Rule Set Too Far Oct 2016 New Beginnings

This is going to my monthly article highlight whats going on at Chez Rew with regards to wargaming. I’ll use this to update what games have taken my fancy this month, which figures I’ve managed to get painted and what things I have got lined up for the next month.

So a quick bit about me and what i’m currently enjoying. On my paint table currently are some warlord ECW figures, I picked up the battalia box set at salute and i’m still working through it. last month saw me finish off the Fire lock storming party, so that just leaves me the cavalry and commanders to sort out and I’m finished painted them. I have a big game planned in Feb down at foundry for these guys so need to keep chipping away at them. Also is my KOW stuff, this is my Orc, Abyssal Dwarves and Undead. I picked up the Pirate Queen Skarre figure from Warmachine to lead my undead and really enjoyed being able to spend the time one one figure as oppose to line painting loads of figures. Just need to give her some troops to lead now.


I was hoping to play in a KOW tourney but had to cancel due to not being able to get a baby sitter, but I did manage to get my trolls finished. I picked up six from eBay for about £16



I also picked up some decals for my 28mm German tanks, two panthers and a king tiger that have looked a bit bland without the decals, so I hope to put them on this month. Deadzone is the next other thing on my table, I played the 1st ed and loved it, but felt it could be better. As the price of the figures was really good I picked up quite a few factions. Now with the 2nd ed out, it seems to be the go to game at the moment for me. I’ve got the Forge Fathers all painted from the box set and have the buildings put together and base painted, they just need a wash and highlighted. So, need to work on getting a second faction painted up as I’m demoing the game quite a bit. The Verr-myn have turned my eye and I picked up a box set of them a couple of years age, so it’s nice to give them a run out even if I got tabled by my eight year old first time out.


Also I host a board game night with friends from work about once a month, we get through quite a different set of games and some of the guys from work haven’t played many games before so it’s quite good fun showing them new games.

I use Salute as the start to my wargaming year and will spend the most amount of money of the year at the event. This will normally be the start of a new game/rule set or army, and I’ll try and get it done by the next year. This year I picked up the warlord ECW box set and the Perry’s ACW battlefield in a box. The ACW box hasn’t even been started and I’m hoping to break into this over Christmas.

This years haul!


So, whats coming up for November, well I want to get some paint on my undead for KOW, also I need to finish the Cav for my ECW, a trip later on in the month to the Waterloo battle fields will probably bring out my Napoleonic’s which I got in 2012 and get some more paint on them.

So until next month, I’ll keep up with my new years resolution of trying to spend 30 mins painting a day. I have to say it has helped my get loads more on the table top painted but not always easy to do each day.

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