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In news from the interweb it has been confirmed that there will be a DC Miniatures Game and from the looks of Kal-El it might be Marvel compatible!

Yep that’s right we can finally see who’s better out of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark and if Superman can take on the Gods themselves!  It does look like Supes is designed to be very good and assuming that Batman is on a roughly equal footing I’d say this is meant for larger valued games.

DC Miniatures Game Superman.png
Obviously that could skew the Marvel/DC balance slightly if they are genuinely compatible games (which is certainly appears they will be).  A lot remains to be seen on this and one thing I would like to see is dual cards from now on for DC figures to allow their use in either system but I can’t see it happening.

We’ll do our best to keep up with the news on this! -Mark

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