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So in my effort to cut down on games that I buy in to, you may remember my brief thoughts on it here, I may have accidentally planned to buy Dropfleet Commander and have brought the New X-Wing starter as well as the new release Heroes of the Resistance expansion pack, so you can see how solid my resistance is (no incredibly bad pun intended)!

So being incredibly new to X-Wing I thought I would hit up some of my local players and get some advice for list building using only these two sets, now I was thinking I’d get a few washy answers or an endless list off stuff I needed to trawl eBay for, but other than a few card suggestions, one of which was to buy the original starter as well, one of the guys who plays at Athena (well actually two guys) gave me two lists

Rey – YT-1300 with Wired(1), Finn (5), Hot Shot Co-Pilot (4), Millenium Falcon (1)

Poe Dameron – T-70 X-Wing, snap shot (2), proton torpedoes (4), BB-8 (2), Pattern Analyzer (2), Black One (1), Intergrated Astromech (0).

One thing that did come out of me asking for a few ideas is that some of the guys found it quite enjoyable working from a limited selection of ships and upgrades, so at least I have brightened up someones afternoon, even if only for a little while.

Hopefully withing the next few weeks I can learn some of the rules and get down to meet up with the local group and hope they take it easy on a newbie.


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  1. X-wing is a great game, I’ve got the Force Awakens starter, and have played a few games with other people’s ships. The rules are pretty simple, but it’s a lot of fun.

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