Mantic Novel Writing Competition Info.

Mantic has posted more info and the themes for their writing competition via their blog.

Below is taken from their latest blog and highlights the areas they want you to write about and what story lines to follow. Also below that is the rules for the competition as well.



The Mantic Nanowrimo Writing Competition will center on a handful of Events, Battles, and Character Stories from both the World of Mantica and the Warpath Universe.

For the Lands of Mantica category the three themes are:

1. The Ratkin Revolt
2. The Life of the Green Lady
3. Living Battle Report (Mantica)

For the Warpath Universe category the three themes are:

1. The Last Match of Gregor ‘The Big G’ Davitz
2. The Garrison on Planet Exham IV
3. Living Battle Report (WPU)

By clicking on any of the links above, you can download background documents to help you prepare your story and get your creative juices flowing. You will also need to complete the entry form and there’s also an FAQ that will answer any more questions.

With only a month to get your story into Mantic we had better get writing.

To enter and qualify, each author must:

1) Choose the topic you are writing for then download that topic’s Information Packet
2) Read, fill out, and sign the Contest Application
3) All Stories must follow the Rules and Guidelines
4) When submitted, the Contest Application and Story must be combined into one PDF file with the Contest Application being the first page
5) All submissions must be turned in by the stated due date on the Contest Application

Rules and Guidelines:

1) All material submitted must be original and from the submitting author
2) Submissions must be in English
3) Page Formatting:
◦ .50” Margins
◦ Times New Roman Font
◦ 12 pt. Font
◦ 1.5 line spacing
◦ Story name as Header
◦ Page Number as Footer
4) Submissions must have direct correlation with selected topic
5) Use of foul, crass, or lewd language is not permitted
6) Story cannot exceed Ten Pages
7) Maximum of two submissions per author.
8) No Pen Names or pseudonyms
9) Judging will be carried out or overseen by a Mantic Representative.
10) Winners will be announced as stated on the Contest Application
11) All decisions are final.

Can’t wait for a new novel to come out with fan based stories at it’s core, so good luck and fingers crossed.

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