Anvil Industries Painting Competition

Here is Anvil Industries monstrous Werewolf has had a lick of paint to bring it to life.

It’s available at the special price of £8.50 until the end of October.

To celebrate the guys at Anvil Industries havedecided to have a Werewolf painting competition, with some great prizes for all abilities!

To enter, simply buy the Werewolf miniature, paint it up, and send them some photos before the end of November! 

You can build up any kind of Werewolf using any of our parts, and conversions with other components from our range or others are encouraged,

Anvil Industries will judge the entrants and give out the following prizes :

  • £40 store voucher for best painted (based on technical skill level) 
  • £30 store voucher for most interesting Werewolf (We are looking for originality, which could mean a conversion, unusual paint scheme, amazing scenic base or similar) 
  • £20 store voucher for a  runner up.
  • £10 store voucher for taking part (decided at random between remaining entrants).

Competition entries should be sent to us by email at, photos should be of a good enough quality for us to see the detail of the paintwork. They will announce the winners in December, and post images of the winning miniatures.

The Werewolf stands a mighty 38mm to the top of its head, and contains optional parts to suit different gaming themes!

The 13 part resin kit contains:

  • Werewolf body
  • Fantasy Head
  • Sci-Fi Head
  • Fantasy left arm with chain
  • Sci-Fi left arm with partial bionics
  • Open right hand
  • Right hand with human thigh bone
  • Right hand with Cleaver
  • Fur tail
  • Cybernetic tail
  • 3x basing bits featuring rocks, chain and broken skulls.
  • 40mm base
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