Deadzone 2 Review.

If you haven’t heard, dead zone has been run through the Kickstarter mill again, but came out the other side a better game. I’m going to take a look at some of the changes and what you get in the box now.



In the box is everything you need to get started and in turn Mantic form more. You get the figures need you to play the two player starter armies as outlined int he book, but you also get more, a lot more. For example the Forge Fathers spures give you the four figures you need to make the basic list, but you also get six other figures to really fill out the possibility’s for playing Forge Fathers. The Enforces spures is even better, again you get the figures to play out the basic list but you will also get some 5 pathfinders giving you almost a completely different force to us or combine with your Enforces.


What’s else in the box I hear you ask, well you only get a paper mat instead of the rubber one that was in the 1st ed box, also you only get 6 command dice (more on these later) but the game is played with more. 6 is enough for one player but at times each might need to roll more. But other than that, you get lots of buildings to create your dead zone and lots of counters to keep track of different in game events.



OK lets look at the rules now, the 1st ed had the potential to be a great game, there was a few things letting it down, like the rule book was laid out badly and it took some time to set a game up or find the info you needed. Also the cards, whilst they did a job made the playing area quite cluttered. With your stat cards, and the cards and the deck that you use within the game, and also the objective cards as well, this all meant that the playing area got cluttered. Both factions will be fighting for the same goal now in the basic game, in advanced games you can have hidden objectives but for now, at 100 point games its 12 VP needed to win. Each figure has a VP cost and this could be adjusted by the weapon that they are carrying, also VP’s can be earned by holding cubes on the battle field. Who sets up first and who goes first is also done on a dice roll at the start of the game and is simplified over the 1st Ed.


Well as there are no more cards in 2nd ed these are replaced by the command dice and these will be used instead of the cards that were used in game play. So at the start of each turn you will roll your command dice and each dice face will give you a different special action. This could be another shot, or move, but also you get the chance to use the Mantic splash. These will be a different action depending on which leader you pick. This replaces the command action that was in the 1st Ed and can be really useful in the game to give you the edge.


Next is the rulebook, this is well set out and explains the game very well, you can work through the book and it makes sense for your first few games. But there is one big problem with the book and sadly its the amount of mistakes in it. I’ll post the link here because you will need it for the errata. There is loads of errors, manly in the army list section which is sad and I might write the changes into my book to bring it up to date. We can only hope a downloadable one will be out soon.

The main game play isn’t that far from 1st ed, its still three dice base from almost all actions, some have been simplified but the game hasn’t differed much in the way. Also the games are now faster and more defined in that each player can see how many VP’s each side has and what they need to work to for the win. The rosters allow you to fill out the gaps in the army list better and there is rules to play more points and bigger boards. The board is still quite token heavy but these are part of the game that helps it bubble along nicely.

So to conclude the changes have made the game a lot better and more streamlined but the book lets the game down for now.



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