Warmachine 1st build

Right so with a load of new units ordered and on there way its time for me to look at list building for the current league that I am partaking in at Aftermath Gaming club in Norwich.


This league will be using all the standard league rules (death clock etc, I will have to look these up as I have only a basic understanding of the game rules), no I am really not expecting much more than an absolute wash out on my part but hopefully I will enjoy it and gain some insight into what I should and should not be doing.

The models I have ordered really fall under the rule of cool, ie I think they look good, with a bit of handy referencing to the latest No Quarter issue, which prompted me to buy a Bloat Thrall off ebay (its cheap and painted), and a few bane knights as the ones I had brought had a few bits missing, I am a little bit gutted as I thought the Wintershadow Combine was a unit like the Bane Knights, but its not I have to attach it to a friendly Warcaster, which is a pain as I already have a Skarlock Thrall for that.

So starting with the Warcaster I have chosen the Warwitch Deneghra, mainly as she is the one in the starter so seems like a good place to start, she gives me an extra 28 Warjack points, attached to her is the Skarlock Thrall whose 2016 v1 card has mysteriously vanished.


So the exciting part the Warjacks, I think I may have gone a bit heavy handed here but lack of options at the moment is a deciding factor, a Death Ripper, Slayer and Reaper open the Warjacks account but I have added to these with an Inflictor and a Seether, both new releases so would be good to get some table time with them.other than the Reaper every other Warjack is up in your face close combat monsters so I am going to have to try and work out a way of delivering them to the front so I can tear some opponents models up! The Warjacks take up a total of 55 of my available 103 points so pretty much a nice balance.


So moving onto my Units I have started with a Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls hopefully he can keep my unit of Mechanithralls unit in top condition, a max unit of Bane Knights, because they look cool even if the thought of putting another together fills me with dread, a Bloat Thrall to give me some much needed ranged attack options a Pistol Wrath as for one the model looks cool and two I am desperately short of ranged options and finally filling out the 103 points to exactly 103 points is a Carrion Thrall min unit, I think a max unit would have been better but I was short on points, and Carrion Thralls look like they can be a right pain for an opponent.

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