The Walking Dead are here…!

A gentle rapping at my door has just announced the arrival of the Postman… and what looks to be a chunk of my Walking Dead Kickstarter from Mantic Games!


The top layer of the box is a tray filled to the brim with plastic goodness; a full selection of the models presented in the All Out War! starter set, along with the KS exclusive Shield and bag of guns, a slew of extra Walkers, and the additional characters from the Days Gone Bye expansion.


Also included is the Dice Bag, and what seem to be an abundance of dice – looks to be at least double that in the All Out War! starter.


The second layer of the box features two cars, two pick up trucks, all of the Equipment, Event and Character cards, as well as a selection of plastic baracades, and plastic tokens denoting the Supply Counters that came with the retail release starter set. In addition, underneath the Character cards are an additional 8 Walkers.


The Vehicles are one piece hollowed plastic shells – much easier to use and lighter than the resin vehicles that we saw with Mantic’s Mars Attacks!


A close up of the barricades and Supply Counters. A real improvement on the card pieces.


A selection of the new Character Cards…


… and the paper mats and rulebooks that come with the set. There are also included card templates for trees and bushes for use in the Days Gone Bye expansion, as well as a set of the tokens used in All Out War!


Both sets – ready to play!

Both sets will be on display at HATECONZOM in Bethnal Green on the 5th of November; details can be found here: HATECONZOM

…and tickets can be purchased here; HATECONZOM

For more information on the retail release please read here; ALL OUT WAR!







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