Infinity the Game October Releases

It’s that time again already and despite only personally playing one faction I feel this image burning a big hole in my pocket to get at my cash…

As usual there’s something for everyone almost and I’d say this is a big month.  A Tohaa army box, Aconticemento Starter, Suryat team and a very cool special character box too.  The Wu Ming rounds out the release from a month or so ago with a Heavy Rocket Launcher and the Haqqislam got their own HRL heavy infantry unit with a great Al Fasid sculpt.

Obviously Infinity is a game where you matter as much as your list to a certain extent but I’m pretty sure that the Suryat box and the Tohaa set will cause the most excitement.  A team of Suyats?  Sounds good to me and the Tohaa box seems like a pretty well rounded force straight out of the gates.

So which ones are you getting excited about? -Mark


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