Arcworlde Battle report, David Vs Mark

David and I (Mark) have been champing at the bit to get in a game or two of Arcworlde since we got the figures painted up for TTGUK Paints.  The figures have tonnes of character and the game seemed like fun, at least Jez thought so here.  He’s normally right so we finally decided to pit our wits against each other a few weeks ago.

We actually played a couple of games but they both ended up being pretty much identical so we’ll just cover the highlights.  Both games were played over our gorgeous Deep Cut Studios Rake’s Corner PVC mat and due to the nature of the scenery we elected to play for board quarters.  In fact, some of scenery (which looks great right?) was crafted using Jez’s how to make trees method so you should probably have a look.

Mark- I deployed with my Gremlins arrayed in order to assault the twin bridges with a smattering of Stalkers in position to reach the river and provide covering fire.  The mighty Gremlin Shaman Imameltyafasesoff cast Mm Chakka Mm Chakka to boost the posse he was leading before all of the Gremlins scampered forwards towards their firing position or to try and fight over the bridge.

David- From the set up it was clear that the two bridges will be where the fighting was going to happen. I didn’t want Mark’s forces to pour over the bridge and let them run around in my backfield unchecked. So I split my forces in three, one for each bridge and a reserve. One mistake I always make with archers is to block their line of sight with my own troops. So these guys I split between the forces and kept the reserve between the bridges just in case one of the bridge groups broke. Turn one was just a push forward and a bit of shooting but nothing to write home about, no magic users on my side so no magic to talk about.

Mark- I decided that now we were in magic range I’d give some of that good ol’ fashioned Jungle Swarm on the masses of Halflings across the bridge.  I pushed my luck slightly (though to be honest it was an 8 or less kind of twist so I felt confident) and BOOM!  Imameltyafasesoff exploded covering his cohort in sticky Gremlin juice.  A pair of them ran off to hide in a nearby building.  After that, it was kind of all downhill.  I pot-shotted a few Halflings and bravely engaged with the remaining Stikkas but inflicted little in the way of meaningful damage.

David- This turn saw the Gremlin advance stumble, with the self destruction of Marks main guy causing some of his army to run. Seeing that his forces were in disarray I felt that this is the turn to really push things forward and was able to take out a few more guys with long range fire. Also the forces on the bridge came together and as we out numbered Mark on each bridge I felt that my reserve was not needed and we could win the day



Mark- It was already a done deal by this point.  My Gremlins were struggling to kill the Halflings somewhat and to make matters worse the little buggers kept legging it every time somebody on our side bought it which meant the ‘flings seized both bridges with ease despite a brave last charge or two it really became untenable.

David- By this turn I had read the card for the Halfling Captain and realized that he’s very good going forward. So I needed to get him into combat and quick. The other ranged guys didn’t find a target this turn as most of Mark’s Gremlins were in combat. It’s at this point that it became clear that the Gremlins weren’t going to win. The Halflings were dispatching them without much lose on their side and things were going swimmingly.

Mark- I really enjoyed the two (almost identical) games that we played but I feel that my lack of a Big Chief is an issue to the whole Warband and that whilst they are cool and pretty amusing to play as I don’t think that they work for me personally.  My tendency to want to deal massive blunt force trauma is the main reason but the running away thing really bothered me in the end.  So going forwards I’m going to grab some Elves to try an super elite faction instead.  My take on the game?  It’s great and after the first couple of turns it really makes sense.  I don’t normally like fantasy games as much as sci-fi but for this I’ll make an enormous exception.  Not sure about it?  The rules are free to download so give it a whirl!

David- Well the Halflings held their own pretty well, was it due to my fantastic command or that I had more figures, that had better ranged weapons and Marks magic user blew himself up…twice.  Probably, but it was fun, would it of been nice to have a bit more of a fair fight?  Well there is always next time and I’m sure we both will have more toys to use next time as well. The game was really good to play and I can’t wait to give it a second try and get more bits on the table. I think the set up we used didn’t really help that game and a more open board would make things better for Marks forces. Also for me, magic wasn’t used and as this is quite a big part of the game it would be good to see how bad the Halflings can be at this…lets hope it’s not as bad as Mark! (I’m just not very good at blackjack!-Mark)

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