Sunday Colour: Ravenwing Librarian

OK I know he’s not part of the Ravenwing but he’s borrowing one of the bikes alright?  Good.  The last week or so have been painfully slow going on the painting front but I’ve been spurred into action by the deadline of a painting comp.
Now I know I’m not going to win, I’m just using this as motivation to get started on the project a little.  Converted from a spare Ravenwing Sergeant from the Dark Vengeance boxed set and the top half of the Librarian from the same kit he’s super cheap and cheerful but I think he looks just grand.

Painted in quite a straight forward (army painter dip) fashion so that he’ll fit with the others I’m super pleased with how he came out.  I’m especially pleased with the white and the free hand details on his shoulder pad and purity seals look post dip.

I then proceeded to base him with the mud and snow method outlined here but refined and tidied up since this is for a non-experimental reason!  I hope you like him and that I don’t embarrass myself at the store event! -Mark

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