Burning Of Prospero Unboxed

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks it’s almost release time for the next instalment of the Horus Heresy in plastic.  Darren spent part of his day investigating the unboxed contents and I think it may have turned his head a little…
So the full boxed set details can be found here.  What those figures look like is below and the rules for shoe-horning the new units into your games of 40K can be found on Games Workshops website.  They can only be used in unbound forces at the moment but of course if the next edition of the rules were to have Abaddon reach Holy Terra that may all change…


Sprue wise it seems that the Sisters can be armed with boltguns, swords of Space Marine Swatting (Executioner Greatblades) or flamers.  Personal choice would be the Greatblades I think.   The Custodes get the option of Spear or Sword and here there is a bit of a choice because the Spear has +1S and AP2 whilst the Sword is Ap3 but allows a storm shield.  Hmmm  which do I pick?  Probably the shields I think for survivability.  These sprues have a good few extras and options as you would expect too and look amazingly well detailed.

The MK3 marines look great and come with two part legs making conversions much easier and enough bolters to arm them all as legionaries if you were to want huge tactical blobs for 30K.  With lots of options barring at heavy weapon level these look great and since flamers are a bit meh in a lot of metas we can forgive them.  The lack of an additional heavy weapon option is disappointing though for me as the Heavy Bolter is probably the least good option for a 40K Space Marine squad.  The sprue has enough chainswords for all of them to be armed with an additional combat weapon which is cool.

The terminators are where it’s at though.  With a reaper autocannon or heavy flamer and the options for plasma blaster and volkite charger plus chainfist attachments and the option for single/double lightning claws.  This kit is the bees knees.

Is this worth getting?  Yes if you want to do Space Marines, add a few Forge World bits and pieces or even just their transfers and you’ll have an amazing looking force for any of the 18 legions…  I’m off to start deciding if I can afford to do them as Space Wolves with the wicked bits available from FW!  -Mark






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