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OK so this is a little off base from what you normally see but I think its well deserved, having started this site in June 2014 as a little side hobby project, tracking my progress away from Games Workshop, who are by the way now dragging me back into the fold,  it has grown into a life of its own so much so that for me it is nearly a second full time job and really eats away at the available hobby time I have in a very hectic schedule but you know what I wouldn’t change it for anything.

So seriously and from the bottom of my cast in resin soul thank you guys!  It’s amazing the amount of support we have gotten, from fellow hobbyists to those who work in the industry from the big guys like Warlord, Mantic and CMON right the way down to the companies that have very few staff doing lots of jobs such as Daruma, West Wind Productions and Hawk Wargames.  Never in a million years did I see a point where the words that I was writing would spread so far!  So please continue visiting and seeing what’s going on coming up and getting in touch with us either here or on Facebook.

All of the guys would love to say a huge thank you to their readers both new and old (they know who they are).  They’re also hugely grateful to the communities their becoming or were existing members of because of the warm welcomes and enormous support they’re receiving on a daily basis. -Mark, Jez, David, Paul & John

It was a rough time setting up as I took on too much stuff to do all by myself but the team has grown and now with 6 writers including myself we are able to put out more content more regularly and to a higher standard.  I think the next time we will all be in a room together is probably going to be Salute so I will be pushing for a team photo there to adorn the website with, be advised it may not be a pretty sight!  If you see us out and about come grab a chat and a selfie with us!

Soon we will be having running a big give away so be prepared for and keep your eyes peeled for news regarding that.  There’s also the strong possibility of looking for a few more people to join the team; but above all else we will continue to have fun and enjoy our hobby!  Oh and if any incredibly rich philanthropists wish to get in touch to be a regular donator, or you want us to go to town on your hobby products please feel free to se the Contact Me page to get in touch.



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An on an off gamer for twenty years, but in the last few years has spun away from his favourite Dark Angels and is loving the new found versatility and variety in the miniature universe

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