Learning Curve: Infinity Army List

Hi all!  Me again to talk about Infinity the Game.  You may remember that last time I wrote about it I got my butt-whupped in a close game.  If not then check it out here.  I’ve gone away and purchased a few more figures now to give my roster extended depth and build in some redundancies.  Plus I figured it was high time that I pulled my finger out and tried some of the fancier stuff one can get up to…

The list below is one that should help a little I hope with my issues and let me learn how to use the fire-team rules and have a few more specialists.  Plus a TAG at a pretty cheap points cost so that even if he just becomes a bullet magnet at least it might save somebody more important and if not then he might just ‘RAMPAGE’!

So the core of the list is 5 Kaplan who will form the fire team.  They are backed up by a pair of hackers and Scarface and Cordelia.  The rest of the points go on a trio Alguacils, one Lt, one Paramedic and one Forward Observer and a pair of Yuan Yuan mainly because I need to practice with them and think they’re pretty scary for your opponent.

So the list itself looks like this:
Qapu Khalqi Sectorial

Group One
Kaplan – Adhl, D-charges.
Kaplan – Multi Sniper.
Kaplan – Spitfire.
Kaplan Engineer – Blitzen.
Kaplan – Blitzen.
Druze Hacker – Assault Device, D-charges.
Hawwa Hacker – Assault Device, D-charges.
Scarface – 2 MK12, Panzerfaust.
Cordelia – D-charges.
Alguacil Lieutenant.

Group Two
Alguacil FO – Deployable Repeater.
Alguacil Paramedic – Medikit.
Yuan Yuan – Chain Rifle, DA ccw.
Yuan Yuan – Chain Rifle, AP ccw.

I’m never sure about the groups to be honest but unless somebody says I’m a crazy person I think I’ll run as is.  I have at least one of each specialist for objective completion and my core fireteam are hard to hit and fast moving.  I hope to use the TAG and the fireteam to put pressure on whilst the others either cheerlead or get on with the objectives.

Of course I might be barking up the wrong tree entirely since I’m still very green to N3 and have never used a lot of the rules so please do help me out if you notice I’ve mistaked too badly!  Also if there are any other figures I should consider (I like the look of Red Veil but I’d have to switch to not run sectorial?).

Thanks!  I’ll have an after action report for you in a few weeks (once they’re painted and I’ve played obviously!).  Until then thanks for your feedback! -Mark



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