The Walking Dead Play Through

So I have set up for a solo game off Mantics the Walking Dead to have a quick play through on a cold Sunday afternoon, you can see what else we have said about The Walking Dead here

So here we see little Carl Grimes and his dad Rick off to find some supplies. If they get 7 supplies I win if they survive I win if they die I loose. Let’s see what happens.

Threat tracker is at one and I am off. Rick sets off down the right off the board and instantly grabs some supplies, Carl is sneaking along the back of the board so as not to disturb any zombies. During the events phase no zombies came on but the threat level has gone up.

Rick fires of a shit to take down a zombie and drag most of the zombies towards him before sneaking off. This cleared the way for carl to move up and grab another counter, which I got a hockey stick for. The events phase saw no zombies move to combat.

Possibly the worst card to draw. In total +4 to threat two extra zombies stand up, and the downed zombie an inch away from Carl has just stood up! Distinct possibility this is going to turn ugly.

Playing solo means that at the end of each turn the threat counter automatically goes up by one, so with the card I am starting turn three on threat level 8 out of 18.

Carl manages to get another crate of supplies, 3/7, so getting there. Rick is just creeping around at the moment. Thinking I am going to have to let off another shot soon.

Starting turn 4 with two many zombies and no real plan at the moment time for the shots to start raining down. Rick takes a walker out and Carl headship a walker taking it out permanently! During the end phase, it’s going to get messy as I’m now in the Medium threat range so it’s going to get messy fast.more zombies on and more moving, hopefully I have a plan! Draw or kill walkers away from Carl so he can run round. Let’s see how it turns out, hopefully a bit better than bad.

The plan worked two zombies down and a new supply 4/7 ! And the event card places nicely I get to move any three zombies where ever I want. So move away from those supplies you targets!

One walker got back up! Time to shoot it again. Boom headship walker gone! Carl has run to grab another loot counter….and finds some bandages.

The events phase has left no walkers coming on but +3 to threat level, which is now on 15. The end of the game is nearly here and Carl needs to take Nerve tests.

Turn 5? Rick shoots and puts another zombie down but threat level is now at 18 with 6/7 tokens. So Turn 6 carl fails his nerve and runs Rick runs forward and grabs the seventh loot token winning the mission.

All in a highly enjoyable game but not quite as tense as my first game, more TWD articles are to be found here

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