Ronnie has Escaped!

Most of you already know that Mantic is on the Kickstarter run again, you should do as we featured an exclusive here not to long ago.
What you don’t know is I fear for Ronnie’s safety as he is always quiet for the first few weeks leading me to believe that the rest of his staff/management team actually tie him up and only let him out for food and water if he doesn’t go near an Internet enabled device!

Why would I say such a thing?   Well whenever he does manage to get near said electronic device he is always keen to give the people who back Mantic more, doesn’t matter what it is more goodies in a kickstarter, more information, more leaked projects, he is just wanting to get everything out, and having met him in person, albeit briefly, he is so infectious he should come with a health (wallet) warning.  To say he is passionate about what he does would be like saying Santa is a slightly over weight guy in a garish suit!

So what has the Master of Mantic Towers got to say about Star Saga the latest kickstarter that you can pledge on by going here.
Let’s hear from the man himself!

Hi everyone,

It’s Ronnie here, as we approach both the fantastic milestone of $300,000, and as we’re getting towards the end of the campaign, I thought we would kick it up a level for the last few days.

So far the campaign is going great. We’ve added a lot of fantastic content to the base pledge to ensure that it will be a tense gaming experience filled with replay value and lots of models. We’ve also introduced the first expansion:Retake the Blackstar Station.

But for $300,000 I want to do something a bit special – let’s have a stretch goal bonanza that adds even more to the base game to tease those last few people who are teetering on the edge, and expandRetake the Blackstar Station with two new mercs and an extra boss.

Let’s take a detailed look at what’s going to be unlocked at $300,000, shall we?

$300,000 Ronnie’s Stretch Goal Bonanza

Kickstarter Exclusive Kira Nikolovski: Sphyr Medic

This has been one of the most popular mercenaries we’ve shown so far and, of course, a medic is going to come in handy when you’re facing off against something as terrible as the Plague Aberration.

Secret Objective Cards

With this goal we want to enrich the content of the Character Creator expansion and add a new twist to the gameplay. We will build a deck of Secret Objective cards for the various races and character classes – these can be selected before each game, and will mean that the mission isn’t quite the same for everybody. The overall goal won’t change, but you never know if your comrade has ulterior motives for their actions along the way – watch your back!

New mercs for Retake the Blackstar Station

Sergeant Ugurik, Orc Commando

Because this mission takes place aboard a space station, it might get a little dangerous if you accidentally pull the air lock switch. However, Sergeant Ugurik has come prepared for deep space in his Vacuum Assault armour.

Arkoline, Crystallan Warrior

That’s right everyone, Arkoline the Crystallan is back! Despite being beaten by Orion to become a mercenary in the core pledge, we know there’s a lot of Arkoline love out there, so we’re including her as a mercenary in the expansion.

Adding an extra boss to Retake the Blackstar Station

Thorn the Progenitor

The colony to which Thorn was pupped was destroyed many years ago. Since the loss of his first family in the fires of an angry Forge Father clan, Thorn has travelled far and wide, turning his natural inventiveness to good use for several other adoptive clans. Thorn has a particular aptitude for adapting and repurposing the machines and constructions of the GCPS.

After that…?

Well, if we have a crazy run-in, it would be awesome to fund another expansion, wouldn’t it? If so, what expansion would you like to see? I’m a huge fan of the Rebs… not that I want to influence your decision, of course…and surely we should let the Nameless have a complete expansion of their own at retail shouldn’t we? Hmm, still plenty to go for there!

Enjoy the rest of the campaign!

Best wishes,


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