Carcassonne: The Review

OK, I know what you’re all thinking “but that games been around for ever?  Why are they reviewing it now?”.  Well it may astonish you to read that not everyone owns a copy of this game and that even more shockingly I didn’t until recently.

So for those of you who don’t know what the game is about I’ll tell you!  At it’s simplest this is a tile and worker placement game.  By that I mean you take turns to place tiles across the evolving map to construct and exploit various features with your meeples (little wooden dudes).   These include often elaborate walled cities, lonely monasteries, winding roads, colossal farms and gardens for Abbots to wander around in.

I love this game.  It’s so easy to play but with a level of deeper strategy both in placing the tiles and deciding where to commit your meeples.  It’s light hearted and good fun and because of it’s accessibility I would highly recommend all gamers have this on their shelves no matter how serious or light their other games are this will find a home.

Of particular interest as we approach Thanksgiving in the US and Christmas (yes I said it you all know it’s coming: just embrace your inner elf already) are games we can play with our family and this tops my list.  It’s relatively friendly, nobody really gets to be super competitive about it and even your Nan can play.   Well maybe if you can keep her awake long enough after a big lunch.  Each game is easily under an hour as long as people aren’t too dithery and so it’s ideal for a lazy-post-roast afternoon or evening!

My rating is BUY IT ALLREADY!!!!  In case you’re wondering that’s one up from ‘everyone should own a copy’ ;).  -Mark

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