Deadzone V2 review

I played the original Deadzone and quite liked it so was very reluctant to move forwards with V2.



In the future, unthinkably powerful mega-corporations own and govern entire planets outright, protecting their interests with vast, private armies. Now, an even greater danger is sweeping the galaxy – a hideous mutagen wiping out entire sectors of space. To stem the carnage, highly classified Containment Protocols are enacted, blockading the infected system and wiping it from navigational charts forever. Here, with the veil of civilisation lifted, rival factions descend into furious conflict, each with a unique claim on the chaos of the Deadzone!

In Deadzone you deploy either elite Enforcers to mercilessly hunt down the rampaging Plague army as it surges ceaselessly towards total contamination; Oversee the ransacking of abandoned districts by the hulking Marauders as the terrifying Veer-Myn single-mindedly set about bolstering their own numbers; Plunder natural resources with the tech-heavy Forge Fathers as the eclectic Rebs scavenge for discarded gear, or simply scheme in secret as the mysterious Asterians pursue goals known only to themselves.

Deadzone is a tabletop wargame without the hassle, unnecessary complicationsare striped away leaving you free to enjoy the excitement and tactical depth of futuristic battle. Starter armies of two rival factions are included in the starter set, kicking-off your collection of Enforcers and Forge Fathers, along with everything else 2 players need to get right into the action.

A game of Deadzone can be played in less than an hour and is a fast paced game, incredibly stream lined rules that do not hinder the tactical possibilities push the game forward through several premade missions which you can further customise or link together to form a varying and very rewarding campaign.

So is it worth trading up to V2 or even to get into V2?  Well the answer is yes definitely, the game is a dream and plays nice and smooth without removing any of the tactical depth!

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