Sunday Colour: New GW Textures Review

So I may have gotten all excited recently about doing my Ravenwing and when I saw these new Textures were being released I had a grand plan!
I decided (without any prior experience or knowledge – best way Ed.) to do a churned up battlefield, clogged with mud that had seen snow.  Similar to how one imagines the winter campaigns of the world wars.  Except with more motorbikes and giants in power armour.

So I visited my local Warhammer Store with cash in my hand and purchased 1 pot of Stirland Battlemire and 2 pots of Valhallan Blizzard.  I had to wait until the children were in bed before I could use them (much to my chagrin) but after what felt like hours I finally found a spare large base and cracked open the mud!

So the first thing you need to know is that these are not paints.  You need some form of spreading tool for the thicker ones at least and they’re messy which means wipes on standby!  The Stirland went on really well and could be really thick if you wanted but it wouldn’t last long that way so I tried to spread it thinly.  You know like the government say you should with butter.  I left it to dry.

I came back after airbrushing said Ravenwing Bikers.  It was still wet.  I cleaned the entire airbrush from top to tail because frankly I’m awfully lazy with it and it deserved a thorough clean.  I came back and it was still slightly damp.  In the future I’ll do a block of bases and leave them over night.  Since I was only playing I quickly picked out the most raised areas with a lighter brown.  I think I grabbed British Uniform but that’s a little green so in future it’ll be Beastial Brown?  Not sure yet.

20161015_220002Then I smeared on a lavish helping of the snow effect.  I wasn’t too worried about making it look anything amazing I just wanted to show the contrast to test it would work and I’m really impressed with it.  It really does look like snow!  You know like snow does in the movies not like that slushy stuff we all moan about every February.

Then because I had another idea I thought I’d see what happened if I dropped a little red ink on whilst the snow was setting and ta-da it looks quite a bit like something was badly hurt there!  Over night it all set nicely and looks really crunchy and icy which is ideal for what I want.  Another idea I’ve just had is that you could sprinkle some (and press it onto) your trees etc for that wintery feel to extend even further…

All in all I’d say that for the lazy modeller (me) these are great products and I’d be very happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a new basing style! Next week I will have some figures finished I promise and maybe there might be some ice in the near future! -Mark


    • No problem. I know you can get good results with all kinds of home brew stuff but I’m much too last for that!

      Thanks for checking out the article, we’re going to try to bring more stuff like this on board in the future!

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