Armies on Parade: Bury St Edmunds

With today’s excitement about armies on parade I thought I’d join in so took a jaunt along to my local Warhammer store for a gander…

aop-bse-11The first thing I’d like to say is that this is a great idea to build community and get people excited to finish projects and generally try to up their hobby-skills.  One of the things that Games Workshop does get right is that it gives us all somewhere to take refuge from our daily lives whether we’re new players or grizzled veterans.  Or some strange mix of the two in my case!

This year has seen some exceptional modelling and painting talent on display across the internet but the event isn’t all about that; for many it’s just a chance to do something they enjoy as well as they can.  That’s important because not everyone has the time/ money/ space/ equipment/ talent /practice to be as good as others but they should never feel embarrassed to show off their achievements.

I had to get permission from the entrants before taking any photos and unfortunately the Space Wolf player with the stunning ice-world board was unavailable so I borrowed the image from the Warhammer Bury St Edmunds facebook page where you can see more pictures (apologies if this is naughty, I’ll remove the image if you like).  The final results were Robert Wharf (Ultramarines) in third, Zoe Frost (Space Wolves) and Stephen Notley (Knights) in first place.  Congratulations to all!

For what it’s worth my vote went to the Knights…Assemble board because, well they’re enormous and scary!  I’m going to take part next year I think, not necessarily to try and win anything but just to be a part of the event!  Enjoy the pics! -Mark

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