Prospero Burns Box

Exciting news today as this image has been all over the interweb…

Apologies for the slightly blurry picture but I think this looks incredible.  With the following tucked away (plus spares if the previous Horus Heresy box is anything to go by!);
2 Great looking characters
5 Tartaros Pattern Terminators
30 (yes 30) MKIII power armoured Space Marines
5 Custodian Guard figures & 5 Sisters of Silence which are brand new and will go like hot-cakes.
Plus it’s a boxed game (that hopefully will play better than Betrayal at Calth).

The Space Marines alone would set you back more than the £95 rrp and when you factor in the Custodians this is going to fly off the shelves.  In light of the last release this may be followed by individual squad releases which would be great too but I’d still recommend grabbing a copy (or three for a company?).

I’m so excited for this I think I might have had a small accident…-Mark

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