Infinity Operation Red Veil unboxing.

Today I’m going to look at what you get in the new Infinity starter box set, Operation Red Veil. This is the next in line boxset of this type to be released and is aimed at both gamers looking to start playing Infinity, and  gamers that are looking to expand their Infinity collections.


What do you get then!


Let’s start with what’s in the box, well you get a lot, in fact, everything you need to start playing Infinity. The box feels full, even before you open it you know you have a lot. The two factions in this set are Yu Jung and Haqqislam, and these armies are filled out with a fine selection of figures. Seven for the Yu Jing and again seven for the Haqqislam, with a really nice limited edition figure, just for this set, giving you a total of fifteen figures.

The figures that you get in the set is just the start, also you will get all the counters needed to play a game with the size of figures that you have got. So the silhouettes will match what you have, as will the counters for the camouflage and so on.


Now comes the best part, the rule book. This is double-sided, with one side in English and the other Spanish. As with all books by Corvus Belli, the artwork is super fine, and it’s written in a very clear way. The book will take you through 5 different scenarios, each one outlining a different figure, weapon or skill. Bringing the game together as a whole to you slowly so you can learn each new section one bit at a time. Now I am slightly sad we didn’t get a small cut down copy of the rules like with some other games companies, but we should always remember that the full rules are free to download from the website. So really there isn’t a need for them in the box, but a small gamer’s version would be nice. The book also outlines all the fluff for the two forces, where to take your factions after red veil and has some good 300 points list are in there for you use in your next games. So there is so much more than just the broken down rules and scenarios.


Lastly, you get in the box all the building in the above pic. These are really nicely designed to fit in with the style of the artwork on the box and universe, and with the walkways, you can create many different designs and layouts.

This really is why Corvus Belli is one of the best company’s around, everything in this box is of the highest quality and really showcases what this game is about. The artwork takes your breath away, the figures are still up there with the best around and this is only just the start. If you are new to the game and this is your entry point, Welcome! you will be blown away with what’s to follow, do you want to know more! 





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