Heroes of Normandy final Hours

35 Hours left and counting down until the latest Devil Pigs Games is fully realised and all the goodies are locked in! If you haven’t seen it yet you really should pop over to Kickstarter and have a look.

You have well advancedl! So it’s time to take a rest, and you have just discovered a manor but… There is a lot of german soldiers and it’s not the biggest problem… They are SS. The rest should be a good award if you success to seize it!


Now, it’s time to show them you are well installed!


Go! Go! Go! Capture them all!


This was the update as I wrote the article last night! so not only is the 120,000 Euros stretch goal now locked in, but they are only about 800 Euros from the next stretch goal which has yet to be released yet.

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