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Armoured Syndicate miniatures board game launches on Kickstarter, Wednesday 12th October

After three years of creative work the new miniatures board-game ‘Armoured Syndicate’ by UK indie games developer ‘Black Phoenix Games’ hits Kickstarter at 5pm UK time on Wednesday 12th October.

This exciting and unusual new game is set in the near future where global warming has made most of the western US uninhabitable and corporations now own most of the land… including the abandoned city of Las Vegas, that people always visit for gambling.

In the core game you can play either as the corporate landlords, ‘Dromeda Corp’ protecting their salvage rights with their robotic sentinels and drones, or you can take on the role of the ‘Dead Crows’, a gang of mercenaries and outlaws, backed by underworld crime lords, who have been sent into the ruins of sin-city to steal various items in a series of daring heists.

16ffe38730b4ba32c2c24260b9d575e0The game itself is all about money and ultimately, the winner is always the player who makes the most profit during the game. Blasting your opponent’s characters to oblivion does reduce their profit however options such as bribery, hacking and theft are often more effective!

The boxed game comes with a massive amount of stuff including six 10” square double sided game boards, three card decks, seven dice and of course ten stunningly detailed premium quality resin character miniatures.

I have a few of these charactors at home even though one of them seems to have run off! I can say hand on heart that the miniatures are really nice resin jobs that are easy to get together and just seems to paint themselves.

With a host of other add-on models available from the outset (including the massive 4” tall ‘El Toro’ mech) and many more models and cool Vegas/gambling themed items in the stretch-goals… this is set to be a VERY cool campaign!

The Kickstarter goes live at 5:00pm UK time on Wednesday 12th and will end at the same time on the 1st of November, making this a short 19 day campaign.

There will be a very limited number of early-bird pledges so we recommend you get in there fast!

For more information contact:

Ben Jarvis – Creator – at:   ben@blackphoenixgames.com


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