Bolt Action German Army Book 2nd Ed

Warlord have now put on Pre-order the new German 2nd Ed army book for use with the 2ed set of rules.

401012001-armies-of-germany-2ed-a_grandeThis book will cover the whole of the six years that the German force was fighting for in the second world war. So this means the book will cover early, mid and late war, giving you army lists for each of these periods. Also, is some new German army rules that have been listed below from the warlord site. This also highlights what is new in the book as well. Word from Warlord is that this will be available early November, just in time for my birthday, too anyone who knows me.




Taken from the warlord website:

What’s New?

We’ve taken the opportunity to include additional units and options, we’ve revised a few points costs here-and-there, and made some more changes to bring the book more in-line with the rest of the range… here’s a teaser of what you’ll find inside…

Army Special Rules

German forces now have FOUR Army Special Rules – some of which you’ll be familiar with, some you won’t…

  • Blitzkrieg – German officers were expected to act on initiative and take decisions on the field based on their judgement rather than wait for orders or confirmation from HQ. This made them very effective tactical commanders and made the Wehrmacht a formidably reactive force.
    This offers a bonus for German officers when they use the ‘‘You men, snap to action’’Special Rule, giving them more influence. 
  • Initiative Training – Even at squad level, in the German army every man is trained with some of the skills of his superiors, and encouraged to show initiative and decisiveness rather than just sit and wait to receive orders.
    This Rule provides a little relief if squad leaders are KIA – as other squad members may adopt their roles…
  • Hitler’s Buzzsaw –  German-made machine guns, but in particular the lethal MG42, are vastly superior to their enemies’ and rightly feared by Allied infantrymen.
    Carried over from the First Edition book, this rule combines with the MG boost brought-in with the Second Edition rules – making German MGs even more lethal…!
  • Tiger Fear – Such was the lethal reputation of Tiger tanks, that often Allied troops were spooked by the appearance of any German heavy armour, mistakenly thinking that any Panzer IV was a Tiger waiting in ambush!
    Any vehicle with the ‘Tiger Fear’ rule conveys a negative modifier to any enemy unit within line of sight’s Morale… 
  • New Units – We’ve also compiled the German Additional Units and Special Rules which we published elsewhere (in other books, and/or online) into the book – including the likes of Night Fighting Units, and more!

Couple all of this with tactical notes, invaluable historical background text, gorgeous artwork and reference imagery from the masterful Peter Dennis and Osprey Publishing, and Armies of Germany 2nd Edition is the must-have Bolt Action book for all German generals out in the field!

The free miniature that you will get by ordering direct  from the web store  is a mini diorama of a wounded German soldier being dragged to safety by a fellow German in the snow.4020100001-mein-kamerad-armies-of-germany-2-special-a_grande

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