Sunday Colour: Night Lords on Parade

Hi all!  I’ve been seeing an awful lot of crazily good paint jobs for this Armies on Parade malarkey and figured I’d get in on the act in a slightly worse fashion!
20161009_194814So I went back to painting some Night Lords, and also made the mistake of counting how many I still have to do.  55 Marines of various types and 1 Contemptor.  It’s almost as if I keep adding to the pile although I’m sure I actually haven’t purchased anything.  Hmmm.

These guys are super easy to do and really quick for me so that’s good because there are loads still to do.  If I wanted to I think I could have the entire Talon finished by Christmas but I get bored of doing one thing over and over so I like to break it up a bit.  This week I did manage another 14 figures including my first Terminator squad which I’m happy with.  It’s a shame their faces aren’t more exposed though as it limits my ability to Night Lord them up!

I’ve also started work on my mercenaries for the infinity army which are coming along nicely.  This time around I followed Dawfydd’s process for the bone and I think I prefer it.  Rather than my usual start dark and work out I took his advice and did the main colour, washed in the recess with a thin shade and then rebuilt in thin layers the body colour.  It’s come out a treat and I’m really pleased with the finish.  Still a long way to go with these lot but hopefully they’ll be on a table top soon!

Next week I’ll have made a start on the Dark Angels and hopefully more progress on these fellas too!  Until then happy hobbying – Mark


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