Biohazard Show off The Starter Box

Some of you will have noticed that Biohazard is nearing the stage where they will launch their Kickstarter campaign.  This is the first look at what we can expect to get from that process…

The Core Game box contains:
– 13 highly detailed miniatures (5 Sigma Corp and 8 The Nobodies)
– 2 pieces of resin terrain (1 set of barrels and 1 set of crates)
– 1 loot marker
– 1 copy of rules (8 pages)
– 12 ID Cards
– 12″ ruler
– 3 Combat Dice (specialist dice in bright yellow design)
– 1 regular D12 die (black)
– 1 paper gaming mat (36×36″ / 90x90cm)

biohazard-starterNo word on price yet but it looks great and since it’s a two player intro set you can always split it!

I’m intrigued by the fact that the rules are only 8 pages long.  That either means the game is streamlined nicely or there are more rules elsewhere i.e. in PDF format.  I personally like streamlined so I’m hoping for that and for fast paced brutal games.

biohazard1We’ve seen mention of specific rules and it seems pretty clear that this is designed for campaign play with your forces fighting not just for the sake of the battle but for survival itself in a bleak and unfriendly post-apocalyptic world.  I like the sound and the look (seriously that is a cool mini) of it a great deal.

It faces stiff competition though with Code Orange Games launching their Collision game on Kickstarter very shortly and a pretty huge amount of sci-fi skirmish games available many of them very good.  We’ll keep you posted on what we think makes this stand out from the crowd as soon as we can! -Mark

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