BoltAction's Kelly's Hero's

Warlord Games have released a collection of figures and Tanks based on the Hollywood film Kellys Heros, much like the Dad’s Army figures that came out a couple of years ago..



The first item is a box set of eight figures from the movie, these also come with an eight-page book outlining rules and the background of each of the characters from the set. The intention is to bring a little Hollywood action to your games of Bolt Action




Next, comes some armour!, Starting with the Oddball Sherman. This tank has a lot of extra details from the normal one you would get and comes with the booklet advising you how to fit this into your games. It wouldn’t look out of place in an American army and looks really good.402413001-oddball-sherman-a_grande

Next is the Hollywood Tiger, if the sherman was good, then this thing looks bad, Its supposed to be based on a T34 and of course it was made for the film. Out of all the Oddball bits, this is the one I wouldn’t buy or want if I’m not going to do some Kellys hero’s games. If you are, then get this, it will make your games of Bolt Action feel more like the movie.


Lastly is the unit and force selectors for the game, which can be brought online and will bring all this Oddball stuff together on the table top.



They can all be found here on the warlord website and lets hope that these aren’t the last of this type of range. It’s good to replay those scenes we have all seen in the movies on the table top.

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