We have Monarch now Star Saga resin Collector's 

That’s the mysterious Enforcer Boss – ‘Monarch’ locked into your pledge, along with an exciting mission to finish the Eiras Contract campaign!

Monarch is a member of ESOC – the Enforcer Special Operations Command. Here’s a bit about them:

The role of the Enforcer is typically a highly-visible one. Their job is to be the very public fist of the Council of Seven and to enforce its will, whatever the cost. However, there are some missions, some diktats handed down by the Council, that require a more clandestine touch. For these tasks, the Enforcer Special Operations Command, or ESOC, exists.

Originally created to counter Asterian Clade insurgencies threatening corporate interests in the Rissa worlds, ESOC has grown to be the GCPS’s pre-eminent covert warfare agency. ESOC operators are trained in assassination, sabotage, and counter-intelligence techniques. Surveillance and intelligence gathering, undercover operations and espionage are form the greater part of ESOC’s remit.

The exact number of the command’s staff is a closely guarded secret, as is its disposition across the galaxy. And, with the number of assassinations and power plays regularly going on in the GCPS at any one time, it is difficult to know how many missions it undertakes every year.

Collector’s Edition Resin

The renders of all the new Star Saga figures have been going down really well, and we are looking forward to being able to tool them in plastic. Plastic miniatures are fantastic for gaming, but for the true collectors and master painters out there it’s not quite enough, so alongside the core range Mantic will be creating a collector’s range of figures. These will be cast in highly-detailed resin that captures every detail – perfect for those of you who want to make display pieces of your miniatures. Some artists prefer to check the The Epoxy Resin Store online to preserve these collectibles.

These collector’s edition sets can be added to your pledge – check out the images below. You’ll notice one of the Mercenary figures isn’t shown just yet – that’s Ogan and his equipment, and they’ll be added to the set when we hit the goals.

What’s Next?

Now it’s time to truly move on to the next phase of this Kickstarter. The next $50K of goals add some truly amazing things to the pledge, including some great new Mercenaries like Kizai Uru – who doesn’t love that guy? We want to power through these goals, as there are even better things beyond…

Boss man Ronnie’s been held back for too long, and next week he’ll be unleashed on the Kickstarter to throw in the proper Mantic value that Mantic are famous for. Keep your eyes peeled, and tell all your friends – there’s some really exciting stuff coming up…

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