Star Saga Exclusive

With the Star Saga Kickstarter campaign over 200% funded and doesnt look as though its ready to stop yet, and being threatened with Ronnie going crazy on the pledges! Its about time for an exclusive couple of pictures for you!

The concept art below is for three creatures are from the Kalimarin Nameless who have been a staple of the Deadzone universe since Dreadball.The Nameless Confederation is home to many related species living in harmony but just because they play nicely with each other doesn’t translate into playing well with each other.ogre-2

The Nameless Ogre looks like he is going to be a brute in close combat so probably best avoided unless you have a big gun, preferably with enough Armour Piercing to take out a tank, other wise you may end up in a different corridor to the rest of your self.rifleman

The Nameless rifleman, slinking around corridors on a mass of tenticles will probably mean that you wont here this enemy until you hear the bark of his rifle.


The Critter? Not sure what this one could be, face hugging? Or overpowering through sheer weight in numbers?

Please note all this is my conjecture based of the look and feel off the drawings.

If you like the look of the Nameless you will probably want to check out the Kickstarter updates tomorrow as I am expecting that there will be more coming on the Nameless very soon.

To join in on the madness and be one of the first to get in on the ground floor of this SCI-FI dungeon crawler you just need to follow this link and pledge on the kickstarter. This will be my 5th Kickstarter with Mantic and so far they havent dissappointed.

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