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The Pioneers Program is a post-apocalyptic, town building board game for 3-6 players from GCT Studios the team behind the game Bushido. At its core it is a fun and easy to learn game featuring great art by the Mico and offering incredible value at just £20 (Under $26!).


So whats the story behind GCTs latest game?

You have been chosen by the Arc to lead a new town and rebuild humanity. Plan, build, venture into the wastes or complete research on your harsh new world. Actions are limited and you need to choose wisely how to spend them. Each round players recruit a new survivor to support them, each brings their own strengths and selecting carefully is important. As is gaining turn order to allow you to choose your survivor first and make actions sooner rather than later.

Grow too quickly and you may face unwanted attention from the wastes. Balancing the size of your town with food production and defensive capabilities is essential and made all the more difficult by hordes of Viralz, the newly evolved race of Ascendants or even a raid from a fellow Pioneer.


Four possible actions make the game simple to learn and yet limited resources and an aggressive environment require players to think ahead and plan for the best way to use the actions they have.

  • Market: Buy cards from the market, the longer they stay in play the cheaper they get, but wait and someone may get in there before you!
  • Wastes: Send a team to scavenge in the wastes, find a range of useful items or encounter stragglers and convince them to join your cause. You may even trigger events that can have wide ranging and disruptive effects.
  • Plan: Whilst not as glamorous as other actions, taking the time to plan allows you to respond to the challenges the world can throw at you.
  • Research: You can undertake the Arc’s research projects, allowing you to gain favour with the Arc and reap the benefits as well.

Each game round has three steps:

  • Step 1 sees players make actions and play cards.
  • Step 2 the towns generate their production and pay any maintenance costs, discarding what they can’t afford the upkeep of.
  • Step 3 players resolve turn order and choose a new survivor for the next round.

Turn order is essential in The Pioneers Program, the survivor you pick each round will give you asymmetric strengths and leadership scores. Allowing you to do things your opponents can’t this round but also determining the turn order and who will get to strike first.






Don’t just take our word that the game is fun and easy, have a look for yourself and check out the rules, if for nothing else than to delight in some of the amazing art by the Mico. If you want to jump straight in, we’re sure you’ll love the game, download the PnP file and get playing now. We’ve also included a how to play video below for those that like to see rules explained.

Find the rulebook here.

Find the print and play file here.

Find the game board here.

When GCT hit thier funding goal they will unlock stretch goals, well lets face it, wouldn’t be a Kickstarter without them, that will help to make the game even better, from component upgrades to new cards. Nothing will cost you extra, i.e. there will be no ‘Add ons’, if they unlock it and you have backed to receive the game then you will receive it.

This is a bit of a strange one, not so much the social aspect of the goal but whichever is hit first 100 BGG Fans or £16,000 the other goal will be updated with a new reward!




Many more stretch goals are promised to come, so jump on the band wagon and pledge your support here.

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