Blastastic – Show report

So another weekend and another show.  This time Blastastic in Bristol run by Michael Stockin of Angel barracks.

Now whilst not a big show it was very busy with a lot of people wandering around despite the fact that the weather today was totally shocking.  It’s also a show that’s dedicated to all things Sci-Fi so that can limit the companies you see or the audience that might attend.

Trader wise we had a good mix of companies from Brigade games, Grekwood Miniatures, Oakbound Studio (Amazing looking game), Kirton Games and so on..

But for me, the fun bit is looking what clubs are there and what demo games are being played.

Demo wise beyond be running Drop Zone Commander, Lincombe Barn Wargames Society were running both Alien Squad Leader and Invasion Earth in 28mm.  Both I have to say looked pretty amazing.  We had a Table Top version of X-Com and Robey Jenkins was along with his very popular Horizon Wars (A game I still haven’t had a chance to play!!!)

So whilst the show might not be huge, its still a great show and really as gamers we should look to support our local shows as often they are run by local gamers who want to support the local area.  So if you didn’t make it next year i hope to see you at the next one.



  1. It was great to catch up, Jez. I had a fab day, meeting other designers and fans, and just finding out that Horizon Wars and Precinct Omega were familiar names that people were starting to recognize and respect. I’m really looking forward to the smaller, more intimate approach for next year. Currently, my plan is to put one, gi-normous mech on the table and to challenge attendees to take command of a small mech force and see if they can land a blow on my mega-mech. Prizes for the most successful squadron commanders!

    • I have to say I love Kill the beast games like that. Really gets people involved. I’ve seen a few like Kill Godzilla or one with Arena Rex where they stick one of the Gorgons in the middle and give people a chance to have a go. gets more people involved as well.

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