Warmachine An Undead Journey Part One

So my Undead journey is beginning with the new Cryx Battlebox which has everything inside that you need to play.


This set has rules, background and hints on where to go next, all in the written materials in the box are great fun to read through and although the whole force composition is still a little hazy for me, its definitely starting to make a bit more sense after just one read through.

So the Starter Battlebox comes with four figures, the Warcaster Bane Witch Agathia, a Deathripper Light Warjack, a Slayer Heavy Warjack and a Reaper Heavy Warjack, these are all coloured plastic and need a bit of work to smooth down the injection points from the plastic, but they go together reasonably quickly, even if there were no instructions. I have already supplemented these with a Skarlock Thrall which I managed to pick up off ebay, mainly because the model looks really cool in a grim reaper meets a zx spectrum kind of way, all in this gives me a nice starting point of 4 points. This was a bit unexpected but after reading the rules again each warcaster comes with Warjack points which are on top off any point limit. So the starter Box sets look like they are all 0 points although buying a second and not using the warcaster looks like it will net me another 29 points, seems a really weird way of starting off with force composition, but apparently, so I have been told Warjacks were a bit neglected in the past so the rules were changed to get more Jacks on the table. 

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