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So with various problems abating it’s time to catch up on some writing. Daruma are currently running a kickstarter for Cannibal Sector:1, which has 11 days left to go and has smashed through every kickstarter goal placed before it.

I got these three models a few weeks ago, I think they may be available during the campaign but definitely available on the Web store. All made in resin which is great, they fit together fantastically, and really don’t deserve to have my brushes massacre their nice lines, but they will.
So the story is this SLA was a RPG hit in the mid 80s or was it 90s? That seems to have just fizzled out with the exception of a few hard-core fans that kept it alive and developed quite an under the radar cult following, fast forward to a few weeks ago when Daruma launched the Kickstarter and it was funded in a  few hours I before I went to bed on day one I sent a congratulations on getting about 50% funding in a few hours, I woke up to find a few stretch goals had fallen so it really has grabbed the community.

Each stretch goal that is falling is giving rise to another miniature.

Some are concept art others are in the rendering stage, but having known one of the creators for a few years these will all get pushed through the process and come out in a nice little pile off resin pieces with all the love care and attention they deserve.

What are you waiting for go check out SLA industries CS:1 now.

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