Sunday Colour #12

Hello again.  Just lil’ ol’ me chatting about painting again.  This week I started out wanting to get my Gremlins done for the TTGUK Paints challenge but got distracted by attempting to finish my Republic starter set for Afterlife.  Basically I finished neither job but made a significant amount of progress on the Mirakuru Crew and a little on the Gremlins.

20160820_201130I started out the week with the Gremlins.  I wanted to get their faces with quite a strong highlight and then just touch in any raised areas elsewhere.  I like to try and paint faces and heads in a lighter tone so that the eyes are drawn there.  It’s a nice trick to make people’s focus fall where you want it too.  I was going to do the eyes in an animalistic style but decided that I wanted them to look like maniacal little devils so went for a firey orange instead.  I’m pretty pleased with them so far and I’m hoping to get some more done this coming week.

Then I decided to try and get my Republic Starter finished.  I’d already done a couple of test figures so I knew the way forwards but unfortunately the laborious process of endlessly edge highlighting grey and repeated coats of orange meant that I couldn’t get them done.  They’re looking pretty cool though and it won’t be much longer until they’re all finished too.  Check out Learning Curve on Weds where I’ll discuss how playing the game has influenced the choices I’m going to be making going forwards.


All told it’s been a pretty productive week.  I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me over the next two weeks to get both these projects finished so I’d better get back to it!  Oh, also I had an amazing idea on how to paint my Concord force for Beyond the Gates of Antares so I’ll illuminate you next time, until then happy painting! -Mark

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