Project Z Review 2 of 3 Figure assemble and paint!

Those who can cast their minds back to the first Project Z review will remember that I was looking forward to getting stuck into getting these figures put together and getting a game of this done. This section will only look at the assembly of the figures and how they look when painted, so let’s go.




First off I started with the survivors, these have all the arms and weapons for each person numbered so you can get these guys together quite quick without much work in trying out different arms and heads. These parts are attached to the sprue via the flat section that you use to glue to the main part of the model. As this is the part you will cut to get the piece off the sprue you might have some parts that don’t quite fit right. The main problem I had was with the heads, some of the guys looked like they didn’t have a neck! This was because I had to have the neck section flat so it sits on the shoulders right and I had to be careful not to remove too much so they still had a neck. I think it might be more me than the figures but after the first couple, they started to look OK.


I painted these guys using the foundry paint system and didn’t really have any issues. On the bikes, I used a wash over silver to make them more worn, but other than that I found them ok to paint. The level of detail was also right for the figures, and to much detail can drive me mad!



Now on to the Zombies!

Some of the zombies on the sprue do look very appealing to use. You have a nice cross section of people and clothing to match. One lady is in her night dress, you have some diner waitress, office workers, one that looks like a doctor and one that is clearly a patient, as he still has his drip in. I think he should always be used with the doctor for full effect ;).

These guys went together a bit more easily than the others. I think that’s because they are zombies and it’s easier to put them in odd looking poses and not look daft. Again the figures were marked to show which arms and so on went to who.

I found I had some of the bases left over, so I glued left over arms and heads, and some other bits like bags and jerry cans on them to create extra zombie bases for the game.

As for painting, I went for a more basic approach and just used a base colour, with a dark wash over the top. This really brought out the worn and weathered look of the figures to show that they have spent some time shuffling around. I tried to pick bright colours for the base so that they all wouldn’t look really dark, so I picked the lighter tones from the foundry range and was happy with their outcome.

The bases I just painted grey and will do some whites lines for road markings with a light wash for effect next, as I’m not happy with them currently.


So, on to the game next and I’ll show more pics of the figures after I have given the rules a go.


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