Learning Curve no.13

20160626_195119[1]Ooooh unlucky for some!  Hope not.  This week I’m going to be looking ahead slightly to try and figure out what to invest my time and money into over the next few months.  I always struggle a bit with making the right choices when buying into games, often buying and then selling figures and rule books in quite a short space of time.  This time I’m going to try and do it right.

So the first thing is; what do I want from a game?  Well it has to be fast and fun above all things.  I dislike unwieldy rules or games where every individual breaks the core mechanics every turn.  I like knowing that by and large an infantry dude does this thing, a tank does this thing etc.  I enjoy infantry battles from skirmishes right through to massed battles.  I don’t particularly enjoy gigantic expensive figures dominating the board.

20160416_165746.jpgI’m primarily a painter and collector so I like the figures to look nice to me.  This comes equal in my mind to having fun since I hate playing with unpainted figures and detest painting just to get ready for a game.  I like shooting based games because sometimes I feel that melee based ones are just a big brawl.  So something Modern or Sci-Fi?

Konflikt-47-600x764Fortunately that leaves me with a significant amount of games to choose from.  Beyond the Gates looks interesting as does Konflikt ’47.  A second faction for Infinity is beckoning strongly, I really like those new Wu Ming figures.  I could invest in more Afterlife units to expand my collection but haven’t played the game yet so I’m unsure on that front.  Spectre looks pretty awesome but might be a little technical and isn’t finished yet) so again I’d have to reserve judgement somewhat.   Those are probably the fore-runners currently but if you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know!

It’s really tricky to choose an option even from just those though.  Given the investment potential vs disposable income equation any one of them is a pretty significant cash drop.  The real question I suppose is how is the best way to ensure you spend your money in the right place?  How do you choose?

Until next week (where I’ll be talking about at least one of the above games in more detail) happy gaming! -Mark

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