Beggar Kings Part 3: Rise of the Chicken

Moving on from part 2 of my journey into the weird and wonderful world of Relics, I have got my Vaetir fully built now and am starting to work my way through getting them painted, the models are wonderful to look at and the studio models are great, however when I put them together I found myself having a few problems with some of the joins, these are fairly fiddly models, think evil fairies and you’re half way there.

Whist continuing to get my two initial forces together I keep managing to get hold off more Ridend as well as the Duke I also now have a Dragon Tower.


As yet I have zero ideas on how this works in the game but it looks pretty darn cool so I had to have one off them, the only problem is I still have no actual troops for the Ridend. Somehow I keep managing to get away from the topic at hand which is the progress made.

So the Orcnar I have made no progress on they are base coated and shaded and I am about halfway through adding details to the individual models, but the Vaetir are now as I said built undercoated and shaded. So hopefully next week I can at least look at trying out a game or two with the two forces that I have built.

In the few sessions I have managed to get on them I have laid the Base coat using AP spray undercoat and followed up with a generous helping of wash to give the models a good start. After that when I can find the right shade I want it will be on to highlighting. In the grand scheme of things I am miles behind where I wanted to be but any progress is good. And despite the fiddlyness of the models I still like the feel off them even if I am scared to touch them half the time.

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