Sunday Colour #11

20160813_155505Good evening fellow painty fingered people!  Welcome back to Sunday Colour.  This week I’ve been learning a little more about what not to do with your airbrush.  More specifically how to make a balls up of a perfectly respectable paintjob…

So all things considered these guys look fine.  Since they’ll last approximately a turn and a half on any 40K battlefield they’re not worth extra time really.  They will stand in as ‘count as’ Cawdor Necromunda gangers though which I think they’ll look grand as but since my skill level at that game is really low they won’t last much longer…

So what went wrong?  Well two things really.  The first thing was a little too much confidence in the precision I could get out of the equipment.  I’ll get there but with this I bit off more than I could chew a little.  That led to some ‘imprecise’ painting which is fine and fixable easily enough.  The lesson?  I need to get better control of the device before trying the same level of precision on more expensive figures.

The other thing came towards the end when I was going to highlight the skin.  I didn’t get a very good consistency of paint.  This led to a combination of splattering, dustiness and watery running.  Not ideal.  The lesson?  Spend more time preparing to spend less time fixing stuff.

20160813_155449All things told though I’m pretty pleased with my first attempt that only took like six hours total painting time (for me that’s amazingly fast) and I reckon that their cloaks came out looking pretty nice actually.  I think that they look pretty good for a dirty bunch of heretics…

20160813_155744Tomorrow night I’m going to make a solid start on the Gremlins for TTGUK paints and during the week I’ll probably press ahead with making more progress on the Afterlife figures.  Check back next week for more information! -Mark

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