Cannibal Sector 1: Fully funded and running strong

Daruma Productions, in conjunction with Nightfall Games, will produce the SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector 1 skirmish game and all the miniatures and accessories needed to play. The book will be lavishly produced by Nightfall Games and Daruma Productions with new full-colour illustrations by Dave Allsop.

What is SLA Industries?

What is SLA Industries? In 1993, the Scottish company Nightfall Games released SLA Industries, its roleplaying game of science fiction horror, a very British antidote to the slick and angsty settings that were popular at the time. Set in The World Of Progress, the sphere of SLA Industries’ influence in the known universe, players take on the roles of operatives, employees of an all-encompassing company that controls a frightened population with reality TV and violence while a creeping horror claws its way through the edges of reality.

Original 1993 version of SLA Industries
Original 1993 version of SLA Industries

“Operative, Employee, Contract Killer, Necanthrope, Ebon, Biogenetic, Corporate. These are the lifestyles available to you when you enter SLA Industries’ World of Progress. A society split between truth and deception, conflict and political subversion, style and horror. Television and Insanity. Fighting for your life as an oblivious public watches on, awaiting your last breath between the adverts.”

The game has seen renewed popularity recently, as Nightfall Games reclaimed publication, releasing source material as PDFs over the last few years. With the game returning to print in the near future, Nightfall Games partnered with Daruma Productions to produce a line of miniatures (including iconic characters like Halloween Jack and Delia the Destroyer) and a skirmish game to allow more people to enjoy the setting and characters of SLA Industries.

Cannibal Sector 1 is already really well funded and the guys at Daruma are set to smash it out of the ball bark, so you can jump in now at the start by pledging here and unlocking more goodies

Since the original release of SLA Industries, players have asked for miniatures and skirmish rules and, in 2015, Daruma Productions teamed up with Nightfall Games to bring the miniatures to your tables, with Scavs, Shivers, Carrien and a couple of heroes. Now, it’s time for the second half of the plan; the tabletop skirmish rules.

And this is where you come in.

To bring the cannibal sectors outside of Mort city alive, we need to develop the book that describes the setting and the rules, and to do this properly we need crowdfunding.


How do I play?

We knew from the start that we wanted a system that was simple and easy to learn but challenging to master. With a straightforward 2d10 dice system at the heart of it, combat is fast and deadly – an opposed 2d10 roll with modifiers (skill, charging, outnumbering, etc) is made by each player. The player with the higher roll calculates the difference (Margin of Success or MoS) and consults the Stat card for the Model, the higher the MoS, the better the result. There are a number of special manoeuvres that can materialise as a result of this dice roll which give the game a fast and deadly feel to it, but also a very cinematic feel – and that was important to us from the start. Standard games are played on a 3ft x 3ft table, meaning that most dining tables at home are big enough for a game.

In SLA Industries, there are cameras everywhere – your every move is monitored and watched -and Cannibal Sector 1 is no exception to this. The more TV coverage you can get during your battle the more popular you will become; the people love to watch a good fight, after all. To reflect this in-game, we have an abstract scoring system called Ratings. The more successful you fight, the higher your ratings pool goes; those ratings roints can then be traded in at any time for flashy manoeuvres, additional damage and minor in-game effects which, if correctly executed, can generate you even more ratings points. Spending them, however, is always a gamble. Blow it, and the audience at home will switch channel and you’ll lose Ratings. To make things even more of a challenge, you can hoard your ratings points and put them toward mission victory points at the game’s  end – you may lose the mission, but if the audience at home love you enough, you can still win the game. Popularity is king.

Faction Decks

Every faction will have a Faction Deck, stats & special rules for each character, troop type and unit with any potential upgrades (Equipment, weapons, etc) that the faction has access to as a deck of cards. We will be printing these cards for each faction to be released along with the rulebook and the idea is that the rules section of the book is relatively simple and straight forward, but that all special abilities and rules for a particular miniature are on the card. As the game expands, we can simply alter the cards to account for upgrades in the rules, balancing play, etc., and while we will always have these cards available as a free PDF download, constantly kept up to date online, there will be an annual reprint for those that simply prefer to purchase their cards.

Scenarios and Missions 

There will be two levels of scenarios and missions, plus deployments. Firstly you choose a mission deployment – Standard, Corners, Advanced, etc (all will be fully explained in detail in the Rulebook) and then you randomly generate the primary mission – or BPN (Blue Print News, something already familiar to players of SLA Industries) that could be anything from an objective-based mission to destroying your opponent outright.

Both players will know what the primary mission is and can plan for it accordingly, but to make it more interesting, there is an additional level of objectives – the faction mission. Every faction will come with a set of cards and those will include a number of mission cards that can chosen from at random and will be tailored toward each factions individual goals and styles of play. Your opponent doesn’t get to see these and will be a little in the dark as to what you are up to.


Cannibal Sector 1 is a scary place. In addition to the many warring factions whom all call it home, there are many indigenous species and a thriving ecosystem. Many of the critters and beasties that have survived the hostile environment have moved up the food chain and see pretty much everything else as either food or a threat, something to eat or eliminate either way.

We really wanted to include many of these beasties, predators and bizarre species in the game but they don’t really fit in as a usable faction so have developed another way to bring the rich environment of the cannibal sectors to the fore. A number of the Scenarios in the game have a denizen special rule to get an expanding range of denizens onto the tabletop, from serial killers to bug swarms and everything in between; Domino Dogs, Carnivorous Pigs, Manchines, all things that players of SLA Industries are familiar with that don’t fit into a faction. In certain scenarios, something unpleasant will enter play and work to its own agenda, to escape the table, eat as many other miniatures as possible or simply to take the head of your leader.

There will be a Stat card for each of these denizens, and we will be releasing some very cool miniatures (ideal for organised play kits) to go with them. When they appear on the table, you’ll have the option of either hunting them down and bagging a few extra victory points or simply getting out of their way. Be warned; Some of the denizens are downright brutal.

The Factions

The roleplaying game SLA Industries brings us dozens and dozens of factions to draw upon, as you’d expect from a game with twenty-five years of background material. Of the initial factions we have decided upon, two are already available and the others will be in full production and available as miniatures by the time that the rulebook goes into print. Here are the first factions to enter Cannibal Sector 1:



Shiver Units operate chiefly as SLA Industries’ main police force, but they also serve as the primary line of defence along the Sector Wall. 24 hours a day, the men and women of the Shiver Units patrol the perimeters, and more increasingly, journey into Cannibal Sector itself to drive back its ferocious inhabitants. To work in the sector the Shivers give up the green armour for grey, and switch from the standard ball bearing round for the lethal flechette in their Gauss Rifles. They are brave, loyal, and, most importantly, expendable.



Carrien are a strange, highly aggressive indigenous species of Mort. With their canine-skulled heads and hockey-stick weapons, the Carrien are instantly recognisable, and they are commonly found in the dark passageways of Downtown. The bulk of their numbers, however, live and thrive in the Cannibal Sectors. Carrien exist solely to feed and they perpetually stalk the ruins in search of fresh prey, beating them to death and gulping down their flesh raw in great chunks.



Many consider the Scavs to be the greatest new threat in the Cannibal Sector. They are a race of beings cloaked in mystery; their faces hidden behind gas masks and bodies shrouded in piecemeal armour and filthy rags. Despite their dishevelled appearance, Scavs are a force to be reckoned with, having an intellect to match their towering statures. They work ceaselessly to gather scrap from the city ruins to then convert their recovered junk into powerful weapons and vehicles. Only their low numbers stand against them, but each individual Scav is an equal match to a SLA Operative.



Lack of food, clean air and water created the cannibals of Sector One. They have existed, threatened and neglected by SLA Industries, since its earliest days. As the centuries passed, the cannibal clans were formed, and their numbers swelled to alarming proportions. The cannibals began as impoverished humans, but toxic waste, horrors of Sector life and natural selections have created hulking monstrosities that can hold their own against neighbouring Carrien and Scavs.


DarkNight Inc. are the age-old enemy of SLA Industries. The two companies have been locked in bloody corporate war for centuries. This battle has been played out on the savage war worlds, the subterranean streets of Downtown, and finally, in the wreckage of the Cannibal Sectors. Dark Night send out their best and most notorious agents far into the dead cities to slaughter Shivers and Carrien alike.

SLA Operatives


Operatives are the finest trained and best equipped staff in SLA Industries. Their principal directives are to protect SLA Industries from rival company attacks, destroy hostiles subversives on Mort and throughout the World of Progress. SLA Industries selects only the best trainees to become Ops; the majority are human, but they will readily employ alien races like the Wraithen and Shaktars, pseudo-magic wielding beings knows as Ebons, and biogenetic warrior Stormers. Operatives fulfil a selection of different missions for the company; these will occasionally take them into the depths of Cannibal Sectors in order to exterminate high-level threats, like marauding Scavs or particularly well-organised cannibal enclaves.

What do I get?

What you are funding is the rulebook and faction decks. The book is to be full-colour with all-new illustrations by Dave Allsop, designed by Nightfall Games and written by Daruma Productions with dozens of pages of new background and information by Dave Allsop and Jared Earle, two of the original writers of SLA Industries. Our head of Rules Development is Brad Zalad, a familiar face in the UK tournament scene. He runs a tight ship ruleswise and is keen that SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector 1 is a balance between tight, tournament-ready rules and scenario-driven narrative games.

Along with the gorgeous rulebook, you will be getting faction decks and other goodies depending on your pledge levels, all fresh from the high-quality Daruma Productions facilities, including exclusive bags and shirts.

What do I need?

Alongside everything available in this Kickstarter, you’ll need miniatures.

We already work closely with many friendly local games stores and want to ensure that we fully support them as the SLA Industries game grows, and to that end, we will not be including any faction starters or miniatures in this Kickstarter, including those we have already got funded and due for release. If the stretch goals reach high enough levels, we do aim to create one special character for each faction and as the Kickstarter version of these will be in an alternate pose, you can see straight away that this is a backer special. There may also be a denizen or two appearing, again in alternate poses.

We will be releasing the regular version of those miniatures through retail channels when the game is launched next year, but it will be in different poses. It is our hope that you will love our game, the miniatures and the World of Progress as much as we do and help us fund the production of the rulebook via Kickstarter and purchase the miniatures from your local games store direct.   Retailers, don’t feel left out. We have plans to introduce Story Drive OP kits and new factions for 2017. The game will evolve and grow, and we intend to support it 110% all the way – by creating special organised play kits, merchandise, etc., and it is our hope that the player base will grow month after month. This will include tournament play, something that has been a consideration from the start, and early after the game launch, we will release a tournament pack for stores and clubs to use.

Shivers v Carrien at Claymore, 2016
Shivers v Carrien at Claymore, 2016

Incidentally, most of the miniatures you need to play the game are already available, well before the Kickstarter delivery and the free play-test rules will allow you to use them before the Kickstarter fulfilment date.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to your joining us on this Kickstarter and hope that you enjoy the ride!

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