Kings of War Historical​.

Ronnie Renton has posted on the facebook group that he will be releasing a Historical version of Kings of War. The details on this book are still to be released, but the info that has come up so far are, Ronnie has said that it will be Sept time for release on the facebook page. I have found a date online from a two different sources of shipping on the week of the 26th of Sept, and a price of $39.99 for the hardcover book.


No news on the army lists, all we are just told about this is Samurai, Vikings and Crusaders are in.

Below is the only info that keeps coming up,

Direct from Mantic

Releasing September 2016 (Shipping week of 26th)
$39.99 MSRP Hardcover (will include rules and lists)

With Kings of War Historical players can now enjoy their love of both Fantasy and Historical massed battle games! This supplement will allow for numerous armies from past ages to be played on the table top. From Samurai, Vikings and the armies of the Crusades, you can recreate your most loved periods in history!

Any other news that comes up will be posted here.


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