20160802_210141Hello everyone!  This week I’m talking airbrushes!  Yes I purchased an airbrush set and I have used it in anger!  I think I got pretty good results from a cheaper airbrush for a first timer.  I managed to basecoat and highlight the main body of a ten man fire-warrior squad of Tau in just an hour or so including setting up and working out what I was doing.  Pretty good right?

20160802_210155I guess so if you want low end, slightly grainy, table top standard.  I want a little something more than that.  I want to paint models that make people stop when they get to your table.  I want more than the side-mounted cup airbrush that came with the compressor can give me.  I want an Iwata Revolution CR.  So I got one…


OK so this hasn’t been a cheap endeavour.  The compressor was £70+ and the CR is just over £100 at our friends Element Games (click the banner!) but I think it’s better to buy one decent tool and learn how to use it properly than buy two or three lesser pieces and have something to blame.  I’m sure some of you will not agree with that sentiment but my experience of life in general is that when somebody can blame something other than themselves they will and I’m no exception.

20160805_212742So armed with my new expensive airbrush and a whole heap of self confidence I intend to try and master the art of some simple techniques before moving on to more detailed work.  These are my first efforts with it…



I think it went really well and I was able to get some very close detail in on the weapons etc.  I’m a bit heavy fingered at the moment but with practice I think I should be able to get some very good detailing done.  Plus it took just two hours to get these 20 cultists to the stage where not very much more work will complete them.  Since I’m only practicing on them I intend to do their skin and their bases with the iwata before a black wash on the guns and a quick tidy up before they are done.

Check back next week for an update on my progress on this amongst other projects including the Gremlins I’m doing for TTGUK Paints!  Until then happy painting! -Mark

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