17 hours left For Dreadball Kickstarter

17 hours to go and Raiden, the kickstarter exclusive Matsudan team captain has been unlocked

When funded, you’ll also be able to add-on the Matsudan + Raiden team bundle, which like the Draconis All-Stars and Ninth Moon Tree Sharks, will get added to the DreadBall Team Collection. You can pledge here

So, with 17 hours to go its all still to play for as the Refbot has not called time yet.

Striker and MVP are both rammed full of Kickstarter Exclusive miniatures. There’s Coach Tracer and Coach Fergus, plus Team Captains Romeo Blue, Na’hautl and Raiden. This next goal tees up our next big stretch: The New Eden Revenants Cyborg team – but before Mantic can get onto funding those (and start another tool), we’ve got to complete the set of Kickstarter Exclusive miniatures.

So first things first – here’s Frankie!

NEW Stretch Goal: $180,000 – Frank Burke, Kickstarter Exclusive

Frank Burke was once an illegal arms dealer – in a very literal sense – trading illicit body parts on the black market. He was eventually sold down the river by his clients – straight into the DBX convict teams.

Fitted with an explosive collar like the rest of his team mates, he showed an unexpected skill for the game, his former occupation giving him a distinct understanding of how to bring opponents down with a few well timed blows –until his attempted escape. After the somewhat messy detonation of the collar, his body and talent were purchased by the New Eden Revenants. With a re-attached head, he continues to play with the same skill. If he dies, he can always be brought back again.

When this stretch goal is hit, they’ll be able to sculpt and produce Frank Burke, a Kickstarter Exclusive miniature, and include him free in pledges of Striker and up!

Should the New Eden Revenants Cyborg Team get funded, then he’ll be their Team Captain,otherwise Frank Burke is an MVP special player that ANY team can field. Either way, you’ll get the full rules for using Frank in the DreadBall Team Guide.


NEW Stretch Goal: $200,000 – New Eden Revenants, Cyborg Team

Dreadball is brutal. Fatalities are common and while a player is mourned, it is only briefly. That some of these players’ bodies didn’t reached their families never attracted attention and were blamed on the vagaries of trans-galactic haulage.

That, perhaps, was a mistake. For in the past two seasons stories have reached the Core of a team from the far galactic east. They are sweeping all opposition before them and are aiming for the major leagues…

Their coach is Renaldo Abominava, a biochemist with outstanding arrest warrants for ‘unconscionable biological experimentation’. Abominava has been stealing the corpses of Dreadball players for years, re-invigorating the tissue and synapses, and ‘improving’ the bodies until he has a team of players only seen in the Hall of Fame.

This is, of course, against numerous laws, but in the GCPS laws are often written by the victor, and so far the Revenants have not lost a game…

This team will be comprised of a number of cybernetically-enhanced DreadBall players (some alive and just missing limbs, but otherwise mostly reanimated players from the past!) from all different races. From the art you can see a Marauder, Judwan, Nameless and a Human, but there will also be an Asterian Kalyshi and a prone cyber-zee marker.

This team – 10 players plus 2 prone markers – will be included free into pledges of Striker and up!

At $30 MSRP, adding this team to it means that Striker is worth over $250 at retail.

When we break these goals we still have a few things up our sleeve left to give you, so let’s go and get the Cyborgs and see where else this Kickstarter can take us.


As the campaign enters the final 17hours, choosing your add-ons (or upgrading to a higher pledge if the mood takes you!) now can help everyone reach these new goals. Here are our top 5 picks:

5 – DreadBall League Pack: $40

Including 3 DreadBall pitches, card decks, plastic counter sets, RefBots and a whole loads of balls, the DreadBall League Pack can be added to a Striker pledge to give you enough components for an 8 person league.

4 – Gruba-Tek VII Coliseum, Deluxe DreadBall pitch: $30

Upgrade your standard pitch to a deluxe neoprene one, it’s crease and tear resistant, and rolls/folds up for easy storage.

3 – Ultima 1 Bowl, Ultimate Deluxe Gaming Pitch: $30

Upgrade your Ultimate pitch to a deluxe neoprene one, it’s crease and tear resistant, and rolls/folds up for easy storage. *Already included in MVP pledge level.

2 – DreadBall Azure Forest 2nd Edition: $35

Expand DreadBall with a trip to the jungle: new rules, cards and trophy plus a deluxe neoprene Azure Forest pitch. *Already included in MVP pledge level.

1 – Most Valuable Player Pledge Level: $160

Not so much an add-on as a pledge level, MVP gets you everything you see below:

That’s $40 off purchasing Striker and around $100 worth of add-ons on top!

Gemini Twins – $5

Gemini is a cybernetic consciousness that was birthed during a cataclysmic battle between two rival artificial intelligences in a remote ThaunTen Labs test-vault. It’s birth killed all of the on site staff and wiped its own memory banks. When it awoke, it began a quest for knowledge, its eventual goal the same that it had always been; to conquer.

Realising that it needed a physical proxy, it activated a pair of robotic drones; Harmony and Melody. It moves through the networked systems of the underworld, acquiring more more knowledge with each passing day, whilst the drones use their skills to gather information in a more direct manner – facing the lunatics and murderers on the underground DreadBall Circuit.

The Melody and Harmony Drones – the Gemini Twins – are special characters known as MVPs that can be included in any team. The rules for including MVPs in your team are updated for 2nd Edition, and are included in the DreadBall Core Rulebook.

Gemini is also included in the MVP Set for $40. See the full collection of miniature add-on here.

Graggot, Hobgoblin Team Captain – $5

This is the first time that Graggot has been available separately – if you already own a Hobgoblin team you can now add him on for $5. For those who don’t have a Hobgoblin team, Graggot comes bundles free with the complete team for $25.

Until next time ‘ballers – that’s two new goals for you to hit on top of the backer goal. We’re getting ever closer to unlocking Elmer and Dobs, just 175 backers to go before midnight tomorrow – history says it can be done, but please keep telling folk all about it! Remember you need to back soon or you will end up paying retail prices.

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