As part of an ongoing drive to improve our painting and my personal desire to get up to date with painting we four loons have come up with an idea.
We are going to paint something within a time limit so we can name and shame each other if we fall by the wayside.
The first of these in-house challenges, which by the way you are all welcome to join in with, is to paint a crew for Arcworlde.

This is the state of mine at the start and has been for a while as I have been catching up on bits and pieces. The guys have been very generous and have agreed (under fear of expulsion from the team) that I don’t have to strip these back to metal and undercoat again. I think mainly they take pity on me but I can’t be sure. Every fortnight we will update you on how things are going as well so you can see our progress through out the challenge.

So now you have seen my pirates of the undead I think it’s time we see what the rest of the team intend to paint.



I’ve gone for the Halflings for two reasons, first was out of all the forces available for the game the Halflings were the only ones not chosen by any other of TTGUK crew, the second reason is I love shooting armies and this one has five archers in the staring set. Whether or not they are any good at shooting to still to be seen. As the box of figures has only just hit my letter box I’m going to have to work fast. I going to use foundry paints and really want to use some bright colours to showcase the figures off. But first job is to get the figures based and undercoated.


I was very lucky and was given a box of the Jungle Gremlins of Chaq-Itza and I’m really chuffed with that because they look the best.  The starter set comes with two units of five sneaky Gremlins and their Big Chief being carried aloft on a large shield.  The set I was given contains the Kickstarter exclusive Shaman figure which looks amazing.

I’ve decided not to invest in pre-moulded scenic bases this time around because I don’t think they’d capture the feeling of thick foliage I’m going to aim at but that’ll be at the end of the project.  In the interim I need to learn how to and then use my airbrush effectively in order to get these guys done in a decent time frame and to a high standard.  I’m pretty confident that I’ll get the job done in plenty of time just to show these other lay-abouts how it’s done…


Okay i have to admit I love Arcworlde and hopefully people have read my review of it on here, if not read it now.

I bought the Albionnican in the original Kickstarter and even added to them during the recent Troll Bridge add on as well.  The starter set comprises of 4 Halberdier, 4 crossbowmen and a Captain.  I have a Stalwart Sgt as well who i’ll throw into the mix to ensure that my captain knows what to do.  any servicemen knows it the NCO’s that run the real thing 😉

Colours wise I plan on keeping the standard Red Uniforms, although there are a few subtle forces that can be used I might add them to the group later on to give my force a bit of a mix.  I’m a keen person when it comes to basing, so will go for varous grasses and clump foliage to make it look like my guys are in the wilds.  I’ll also try and make them look a bit scruffy in places as well.



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