Halo Flying High and getting Down and Dirty: Part One

When I started writing this article Halo: Ground Command wasn’t available just yet, we shall see if it arrives before this gets published! This is the last of the current updates for games I play regularly, at the moment, mainly because if I do many more I will be writing articles all day instead of actually doing anything with the models, expect though to see a Warmahordes one when the stuff arrives from the states.

Halo: Fleet Battles is an amazing game although many people have been put off getting into it because of the ‘Valient issue’, which I will not go into here as it has been done to death quite litterally, there seems to be a small cabal of players that will not be happy until they have what they want, newer, shinier, killier and cheaper, but lik eI said not getting into it.

The game as it stands is well balanced, allegedly I still have yet to win a decent sized game with my Covenant, but I still play because despite the flaws that I see in the game, its still a good game, very polished and easy to pick up, some bits are harder than others but still the mechanics are the game are very robust and the fleet design is quite straight forward and should lead to a fairly even game, unless you decide to do something silly like wrap nearly all your points up in a CAS on low point games.

Hopefully soon we will see the second Halo Game, Ground Command its on the horizon its so close I can almost smell the freshly unwrapped contents.

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