Competition Time: The Mighty Zombie Painting Challenge


That’s right this August Tabletop Games UK are teaming up with Mighty Lancer Games to bring you a horrifying competition.

So what is the competition, well there are three things you need to do.

1 Head over to Tabletop Games UK on facebook and like our page

2 Head over to Mighty Lancer Games Facebook Page and like their page

3 Paint zombies, the more the merrier and post them on the competition post, you will need two photos a before which you should get up as soon as possible and an after shot.

4 the photos of painted miniatures must be received by 31st August by replying to the stickied post on Tabletop Games UK Facebook pagae

The winner will be selected by our panel of judges (to be confirmed soon) and the lucky winner will win a copy of Warlord Games Project Z.


Ok so here are a few terms and conditions and legal bits.

The prize is supplied by Mighty Lancer Games, the winner will be announced either by Mighty Lancer Games or Tabletop Games UK after the close of the competition and they will be asked to supply shipping details, failure to get in touch or provide shipping details may result in 2nd place getting the prize.

This competition is in no way endorsed, related or approved by Facebook, although they really should as tabletop games are awesome.

We are asking you to like the pages so we can get in touch with you easier, we can not ask you to share the competition posts on facebook as it violates some off their rules but we really would love to be inundated with awesome pictures, so if you want to share it you can, please note it wont get you any preferential treatment in the judging.

Both parties reserve the right to change or alter some of these details as necessary, this has been added as its more than likely I have missed something important out.


So what are you waiting for there is a whole host of zombies waiting to be snapped up and painted, there is no restriction on type, number, or manufacturer of the zombies, as long as they eat brains and shuffle around they are fair game.

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