Bolt Action v2 Incoming


As you are aware the second edition of Bolt Action is getting closer and closer to being released, whilst many players always seem to get a bit upset by new editions of rules they do help tidy things up and let the game move further forward than a bundle of printed erratas ever will.


Officers activate other units! Used cleverly, this creates a huge tactical shift as you can order multiple units to fire or advance in concert.

This is a big plus, not sure how its going to work exactly but I would imagine there will be some sort command range stat now.

Big Explosions! HE fire now uses templates to determine damage – your opponent had better spread out his troops to avoid carnage!

A lot of people liked bolt action due to there being no templates, will this edition upset them, I doubt it but might be worth keeping a close eye on some of the older guard. Just to make sure they are still playing.

Armed Transports! Once your squad has piled out of its halftrack, the driver can speed around and unleash a hail of lead at the enemy!

More realism this should be fun to do and may see more half tracks flying around now!

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